Swiftcash Corp. was founded in 1997 in Kenora, Ontario where we began deploying ATM’s in a variety of locations within the city and surrounding areas. From that point on, our organization has branched out into the national market, providing ATM and transaction processing services to customers across Canada.

When partnering with Swiftcash as your ATM specialist, you become a valued member of our national ATM portfolio. Each of our clients and locations have their own set of specific values and needs which can sometimes go unnoticed when dealing with large multinational ATM providers. Swiftcash came from humble beginnings, and we have not forgotten the importance of treating our customers with integrity and respect. We strive to create the best, most personalized customer experience possible!

106 South Park Drive
Kenora, ON P9N 4G1

TF 1-866-847-9438
C 1-807-467-8788
F 1-807-467-8127

Satellite offices:
Winnipeg, MB
Vancouver, BC

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