Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses with reliable internet service within their location have the option of connecting the ATM through their router at no cost. If internet is unavailable or unreliable, the ATM will require either a dedicated phone line, or an external cellular modem which comes with additional equipment and monthly service fees
If your customer does encounter an issue with their transaction, please instruct them to contact one of our customer service representatives using the toll free number listed on the ATM or receipt for assistance.
Total cash dispensed to your customers throughout the day is tallied at the end of the night by the ATM through it’s automatic closeout procedure. A settlement of all funds and revenue is generated by TNS Smart Networks which is then deposited the following day into a bank account of your choosing (set up on initial installation of the ATM). Reports for accounting purposes are made available online for all ATM owners, and various deposit schedules can be set up.
Lag bolting the ATM to the floor for maximum security is the first step in recommended precautionary measures. Each ATM safe is rated at UL Level 1, and comes equipped with a 6 digit electronic lock. Additional security features such as GPS detection, and video survalence cameras can be added for an additional cost.
Absolutely not. ATM dispensers are equipped with multiple sensors that measure bills as they pass by on the way to the exit. In the event that two bills were stuck together on the way through, thickness sensors would detect the anomoly, and send both bills into the reject tray. Once completed, the dispenser would pick the next bill in line and continue the dispensing process as normal with little to no inturruption in service.

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If your ATM Machine is showing an error, please call us immediately at 1-866-847-9438 and one of our service technicians will be available to help 364 days per year.

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